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I have heard rumors for years now

I have heard rumors for years now that this property was getting scraped for something new. With it’s prime Uptown location¬†in West Village in walking distance to all of Uptown, clients ask me about this property all the time. It looks so charming on the outside, but the units inside are dated. I had hoped they would just renovate the interiors, but seems like there are even bigger plans. I just hope they keep some of that charm. According to this article in Dallas Morning News, plans for a new highrise are being talked about. Guess we will have to wait and see.

Dallas Apartment Boom

With large company headquarters relocating to Dallas, It is no wonder why we are continuing to see Apartments Sprawl up in Dallas. You don’t have to take my word for it. Dallas Morning News has the latest. Click Here¬†to read all about the 50,000 units on their way to Dallas.



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